Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 Laptop Complete Review

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Lenovo IdeaPad 720 was the greatest laptop of last year. The company has now released the IdeaPad 720S, an improved version of the IdeaPad 720. It looks nice, feels expensive, and is powerful enough for most people’s needs. This laptop practically outperforms all others with twice the pricing when it comes to gaming. It’s been dubbed a jack of all trades by the critics. However, if you strive hard enough, you can discover lighter, longer-lasting models, but this incredible computer is quite adaptable, pleasant, and a terrific choice as well.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S’ dedicated GPU is a significant reason to buy this product. Unfortunately, you often don’t find a thin notebook that can handle games well. Although it’s comparable to the MacBook Air in many ways. Being an all-metal, thin-and-light laptop, it had a few changes. For example, the 14-inch screen now has a smaller bezel around it. Nvidia graphics are incorporated, and a Thunderbolt connector has been added to this laptop. However, this laptop is a relatively expensive one, with pricing starting at £850. However, the cost of this laptop is still less than other premium Ultrabooks, such as Dell XPS 13 and Microsoft Surface Laptop, which cost around £1200.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 720s Laptop, 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

IdeaPad 720S 15 laptops deliver lightning-fast graphics, and improved picture and video-editing capability with an Nvidia GTX-1050Ti discrete graphics card. Additionally, it has intelligent features, angled corners, and a beautiful Iron Gray soft-touch surface. The Ideapad 720S gaming laptop has been subjected to modifications. Smooth matte metal is used in the construction of the whole exterior side. The gaming laptop has a 4K resolution and a redesigned border around the screen that is substantially narrower.

The laptop offers a battery life of more than 9 hours (with UHD resolution) and always-on charging. You may charge other devices through a USB connection even if your laptop is turned off. In addition, one hour of rapid charging can give you an 80% charge. When listening through headphones, the Ideapad 720S Touch laptop features Dolby Atmos, which produces a magnificent 360° immersive audio experience. This allows the music to flow from every direction, thus providing you with the best listening experience.

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Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15’s Form Factor

This laptop is lighter than Dell’s XPS 15 line, weighing 17.95mm and 4.18 lbs. It is easy to carry or move with one hand. The bezels are small, and the camera is positioned above the LCD, as it should be. With an unnoticeable fingerprint reader, logging in to the system is pretty easy.

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Connections and Ports

The way you can connect your laptop to the outside world determines its helpfulness. The 720S 15’s ports are limited to 1xTB3 (2 lanes), 3.5mm headset, 1xUSB C, 1xUSB A, and SD Card. This is one area where compromise is required. Any additional USB A peripherals/video would necessitate a trip to narrow down if using a Logitech mouse adaptor. For people who work in shared spaces, there is no lock hole. (The AC adapter is the odd square port.)


Even in battery saver mode, the screen performance of this laptop is quite excellent, even at 40% brightness. The colors are bright, the viewing angles are good, and doesn’t put any strain on the eyes. The FHD model has been reported to have significant backlight bleed. This monitor operates at 60Hz with no visible ghosting.

Unfortunately, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S, like the Acer Swift 3, doesn’t have an ultra-high-resolution screen. If you try to look for it, pixelation at a 1080p resolution on a 14-inch display is noticeable. Most of the competitors, like the Dell XPS 13, set extra prices for a genuinely high-resolution panel.

In its most recent incarnation, the HP Envy 13’s resolution has been reduced from 3200 x 1800 to 1080p. Unfortunately, that isn’t a touchscreen despite having a tablet-like glossy, glass-topped finish. As a result, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S is a laptop that isn’t even close to being a hybrid one.

Color and contrast, on the other hand, are excellent. This laptop covers 80.9% of the RGB color standard, 57.6% of Adobe RGB, and 60.3% of DCI P3, which is good but not spectacular. It’s not deep enough for design professionals but will be sufficient, thanks to excellent contrast.

The contrast ratio is 1023:1, making blacks look believable even in dim lighting. (Honestly, is there anything else we need to say to sell it?)

However, given the glossy surface, a somewhat brighter image is mostly preferred. At maximum backlight, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S achieves a decent 305cd/m2. But some of the models are closer to 340-350cd/m2. On a sunny day, this will come in handy. It is, nevertheless, noticeably brighter than the new Acer Swift 3.

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The 720S comes in two types of processors: one with an Intel Core i7-7500U processor and the other one with an Intel Core i5-7200U processor. Naturally, power users will appreciate the more incredible speed provided by the Core i7. However, considering the expensive choice, it will cost you an extra $122, and you may receive nothing in return except a gray exterior finish. The more costly option doesn’t seem like good value for most of the users.

Apart from that, the addition of Nvidia GT 940MX graphics to the laptop is the most prominent and surprising feature. Although this does not make the 720S fall into a high-end gaming machine category. But it does deliver 2-3 times the performance of the Intel processor’s integrated graphics.

That means you can play more basic games like Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without breaking a sweat. However, you’ll still need to play at a low resolution and detail setting to have a decent frame rate.

In 3DMark: Ice Storm, the integrated graphics of Intel 7500U scored 51,696 points, whereas the Nvidia chip secured a score of 67,394. However, this minimizes the Nvidia chip’s speed advantage. For example, the Nvidia graphics scored 1925 points in the difficult 3DMark: Fire Strike test, unlike the score of 804 points for the Intel integrated.

However, it is worthy to note that the Nvidia GPU significantly raises the price of this laptop, which is unnecessary for most customers. Also, dedicated graphics are not included in every model of the 720S. If you don’t require them, check with multiple stores to see what they are offering.

Regarding overall system performance, both CPU options are more than capable of handling most of the daily chores. The 7200U was used in the model, and never felt slow down. It got a score of 2426 points in the PCMark 8 benchmark, which is on par with other laptops with similar specifications. Spending more on a non-“Pro” laptop won’t get you more excellent performance.

Build Quality and Aesthetics

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S gives out an excellent first impression. It’s made of dark silver metal, with a subtle Lenovo etched on the lid’s upper right. The unit’s coloring and substance are mirrored on the bottom, lacking unattractive stickers except for the required Microsoft badge. Instead of the thick metal plate on the XPS line, the top surface is covered by a thin sheet of metal that can flex slightly if opposing forces are applied to the right and left sides of the screen.

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Webcam and Audio on the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Lenovo has included a standard 720p, 30fps webcam in the top bezel above the screen on the 720S. As a result, its visual quality is entirely normal, with a graininess that softens detail. As a result, it performs well in low light and provides sufficient detail for casual video calling and streaming.

There are two speakers on this laptop, one on the front and another on the back. They do a decent job together. The volume is adequate for most uses; even at maximum level, there is no distortion. Overall clarity and balance are satisfactory. There’s no perfect bass here, but neither is there any of the tinny shrillness that plagues laptop speakers.

Fan Noise and Thermals

The fan noise is acceptable. While the fan appears to be on all the time, it is quieter than other discrete graphics laptops. That may be related to the MaxQ design or the 15.6″ screen size.

At standard settings, this laptop throttles under stress. For example, running Doom 2016 at high settings with the stock voltage curve ultimately causes the GPU to choke. Unfortunately, instead of dynamically picking a middle ground, it throttles from 1,680MHz to 1,150MHz and stays there. This behavior is only noticeable when the GPU is constantly at full load (for example, Doom at high settings). More miniature demanding games or graphical settings do not produce apparent throttling.

Display Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

The 720S screen, in keeping with the prevailing trend, is a mix of luxury and more mid-range features. The IPS LCD provides excellent viewing angles and overall image quality, while the Full HD resolution is more than sufficient. Unfortunately, maximum brightness is low, which, combined with a glossy coating, makes this laptop less capable in bright conditions.

Furthermore, brightness adjustment appeared to be strange. The brightness was reduced from 100% to 80%, decreasing from 300 nits to 100 nits. The typical guideline is to operate at 120-150 nits and that the brightness button advances in 10-percent increments. There isn’t much room to fine-tune the setting to a reasonable level. To reach the battery test level of 150 nits, 85 percent of the power choices were set manually.

Overall, it’s a joy to use and provides realistic enough image quality to suffice for most content development projects. It can also be folded flat, which is great if you’re presenting something to a group of people or need to type from a higher position.

Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15’s Battery Life

The 720S has a non-removable four-cell 56Wh battery with a good, standard capacity. A concern appeared on stage that using discrete graphics might result in affecting the battery life. However, there was not anything like that to worry about.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S can last about 12 hours and 5 minutes when playing back a 720p video on loop. This is an awe-inspiring top-ranking result. So you may quickly get a full day’s work out of a charge if moderate exertion is kept.

The 79-watt-hour battery is one of the best features that sets this laptop apart from others having similar features. Therefore, a safe estimate for the amount of time available on a single charge would be 8.5-10 hours. (With -150mV of undervolting applied, this is at 40% screen brightness in battery saver mode.)

Surprisingly, this also occurs when the laptop’s screen brightness is set to 79 percent. However, this isn’t something to get excited about. The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S has an unusual brightness curve that only hits 120cd/m2 at that point in the test. It’s the kind of brightness you’d use in a room.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S speakers are also of good quality, albeit overly reliant on Dolby Atmos processing. That uses dynamic compression to maximize the perception of volume. For example, a solo guitar could seem loud, only to diminish gradually soon as the rest of the band joins in. Although the volume isn’t comparable to that of a MacBook, the sound has enough richness to avoid a thin, unappealing tone.

Design of the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Although appearances are subjective, it is believed that the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S stands out in this class. Lenovo has a penchant for designing quality laptops that are both basic and appealing. That is one of the fantastic examples.

Besides the keyboard keys and the glass above the screen, the IdeaPad 720S is entirely made of aluminum. However, as compared to Asus and Acer competitors, Lenovo hasn’t added any extra textures. Instead, everything is finished in a laid-back anodized finishing.

Some people may find it too slow to work with. However, the new laptops, which appear clean and have enough Lenovo flavor to avoid appearing generic, are massively approached and preferred. For example, by looking at the design of the keys: unlike a Dell, Apple, or Asus laptop, Lenovo’s have an almost adorable and perfect symmetry.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S is also one of the first laptops with a highly tiny screen at a lower price point. While 850 pounds is a considerable and easy investment almost for anyone, it is a cost-effective option for laptops that cost well over £1000.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S fits a 14-in screen into the footprint of a traditional 13-slim laptop, like the older generation HP Envy 13. With just 4 mm between the end of the display and the edge, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S well fits a 14-in screen into the footprint of a 13-slim notebook, HP Envy 13. Although the new Acer Swift 3 has a thicker surrounding, it’s quickly becoming the standard for higher-end portable computers.

Touchpad and Keyboard

Curving keys on the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S keyboard have already been recognized as one of the best features, thus setting it apart from the competition against other competitors. The typing experience, on the other hand, is also very great and worth mentioning. The keys are a bit shallow but have good definitions and resistance.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 13 is a good option for those looking for a substantial feel, but most people will be pleased with the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S. There’s also a backlight. When you press the Fn key and spacebar at the same time, the under-key LEDs cycle between two intensity levels, creating a relaxing white/blue illumination. This is suitable for those doing night typing.

The trackpad was also very impressive. That is one of the cheaper laptops to employ a textured glass pad rather than a plastic one in recent memory. It glides more smoothly. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon’s keyboard is much smoother and smoother but will cost more than £800.

A recessed fingerprint scanner sits next to the pad. It allows you to enter into Windows with a single keystroke securely and is one of the more reliable features of Lenovo ThinkPad 13.

Finger scanners on laptops are notoriously more critical. It frequently requires multiple attempts to perform work. The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S, as compared to such kinds of laptops, doesn’t have to face this type of problem, and it appears to function effectively every time.

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Final Thoughts

The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is an excellent laptop for those who perform their work and play games on the same machine. The laptops available in the market nowadays have the professional appearance and battery life of desktop replacements from the past, but with the gaming chops you’re expecting. Good news! This laptop can do the job!

If you’re looking for a laptop that is sturdily built and provides good, everyday performance, this laptop is your ultimate pick. It’s capable of handling every task smoothly and is portable and compact, so there are fewer compromises. From the screenplay writer in Starbucks to the web designer in their ergonomic office chair, this laptop can handle any of your everyday tasks with ease.