Ivy Pope


A writer with 5+ years across all niches, who is an avid PC user and PC gamer in her free time.


I've produced 160+ pieces monthly. I've published with Accessibility.com as a guest writer on accessibility for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. I've built 2 computers from parts.


Since I was a young girl, I've been an avid PC game player. I still spend all my free time playing games with friends, but with this hobby comes the need to be well-informed about laptops, computers, mice, keyboards and headsets. I've got an extensive collection of computer accessories and a firm grasp of the English language. My passion is in helping other people find the right laptop, computer or accessory for their needs.


I have certifications in HTML and CSS, and am constantly learning new languages. I hold a Bachelor's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Brevard College, with a focus on English, Business and a History minor.




Title: Writer